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Maintenance Common Sense

Maintenance Common Sense

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Precautionsformaintenance:  First,thepipelinemustensureahighdegreeofsealing.Checkwhetherthereisanylooseninginthelinksbetweenpumpsandwaterpipes.  Second.Bearinglubricatingoilmustbeaddedtothebearingbody
Precautions for maintenance:
First, the pipeline must ensure a high degree of sealing. Check whether there is any loosening in the links between pumps and water pipes.
Second. Bearing lubricating oil must be added to the bearing body to observe that the lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished at the center line of the oil mark. When the oil immersed pump works for 500 hours, the sealing oil must be replaced. The oil in the pump chamber should be replaced once a year.
Fourth. Close the gate valve, outlet pressure gauge and imported vacuum meter of the outlet pipe of the pump.
Fifth, point pump motor, see if the pump motor steering is correct. Open the pump motor, when the pump is running, open the outlet pressure meter, if the pressure is suitable, gradually open the gate valve, at the same time check the pump motor has not the load.
Sixth, try to control the flow and lift of the pump in the range specified, so as to ensure the operation of the pump at the highest efficiency point, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.
Seventh. During the running of the pump, the bearing temperature should not exceed 35C of the ambient temperature, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80C.
Eighth. If there is abnormal sound in the pump, check the reason immediately. Before stopping the pump, the gate valve and pressure gauge must be closed before stopping the pump motor.
Ninth. Adjust the packing gland regularly to ensure that the leakage in the packing room is normal.
Tenth, regularly check the wear of the pump shaft sleeve, and replace it in time when the wear is large.
Eleventh, if the pump is out of service for a long time, it is necessary to dismantle the water pump and dry up the water. Grease the parts of the rotating parts and the joints and store them properly.
Twelfth, mechanical seal lubrication should be clean without solid particles. The mechanical seal is strictly forbidden to work in the dry grinding condition.
Thirteenth, before starting, you should turn the pump motor several times, so as not to start suddenly, causing the seal ring to break and damage.
Fourteenth, the pump can not run in a cavitation state for a long time. We must prevent the pump from rusting. When the pump is not used, it should be cleaned and placed in a ventilated and dry place. If the surface of the electric water pump is damaged, remove the paint, remove rust and apply antirust paint in time to protect it.
Fifteenth, the prohibition of pump running in the flow, pump motor overcurrent long-term operation. When checking the pump running regularly, the pump motor will run over the current for a long time.
Sixteenth, the pump should be specially supervised in the course of operation, so as to avoid accidents.
Seventeenth, pumps should be refueling every 500 hours. Pump motor power is more than 11KW, equipped with refueling device, can be directly injected by high pressure oil gun, to ensure that the bearing lubrication is excellent.
Eighteenth. When the pump is running for a long time, because of the mechanical wear and the increase of the noise and vibration of the unit, the inspection should be stopped, and the damaged parts and bearings can be replaced when necessary.
Nineteenth. A comprehensive maintenance of water pumps is usually used for a period of two years. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive maintenance. For the worn parts and parts with poor sealing performance, the maintenance and maintenance should be replaced, not to be used, so as to avoid serious consequences.
Generally speaking, when the pump is used, the above nineteen points can greatly increase the service life of the pump and bring more convenience to us.
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