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What is a TE 62306-2 splice connectors terminal?

What is a TE 62306-2 splice connectors terminal?

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What is a TE 62306-2 splice connectors terminal?

The 62306-2 splice connectors terminal is used for the connection of copper enameled wire and aluminum enameled wire.
What is a TE 62306-2 splice connectors terminal?
The TE 62306-2 splice connectors terminal is used for the connection of copper enameled wire and aluminum enameled wire. It does not need to take off the external paint of enameled wire, and is directly conductive.
1、 One end of motor enameled wire can be directly riveted and crimped with the other end, without peeling the paint layer of winding wire, preventing oxidation, no false welding and other advantages.
2、 It can avoid the old process of touch welding and splashing of welding slag. Production and operation of terminals and copper, aluminum enameled wire terminals (anti oxidation, good power performance). Our products are used in motors, pumps, air compressors, washing machines, generators, transformers, electric tools, etc.
3、 The puncturing type terminal is also known as the non stripping connector and the puncturing type terminal, which is suitable for the parallel connection and docking of two or more strands of enameled wire and the power outgoing line. Using this product can change the welding or riveting process of Wenzhou Zhaozhuang after the original stripping of copper and aluminum enameled wire, fully realize the one-time crimping and conductivity, and the electrical performance is stable. Compared with the original process, it saves time, labor, environmental protection and pollution-free, and the performance is more stable, and fully meets the RoHS directive standard. At present, this product is connected by the exported mechanical and electrical equipment and related enameled wire The products are widely used by many manufacturers.