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62306-2 Splice For Fine Aluminum Magnet Wire

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62306-2 Splice For Fine Aluminum Magnet Wire

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62306-2 Splice For Fine Magnet Wire/enamelled wire/copper wire 

No required to strip magnet wire insolution, twisting and tinning, only crimping one terminal, magnet wires and lead wire will be conductor!





60000 pcs


50000 pcs


40000 pcs


50000 pcs


40000 pcs


30000 pcs


40000 pcs


25000 pcs


20000 pcs


15000 pcs

The piercing type terminal is used for the connection of copper and aluminum enameled wire. It does not need to take off the external paint of enameled wire, and is directly conductive. 

1 The enameled wire end and the other end of the motor can be directly riveted and crimped, without peeling the paint layer of the winding wire, preventing oxidation, no faulty welding and other advantages. The welding of motor transformer, electromagnetic coil (enamelled wire head) and (outgoing line) does not need (depainting, twisting, soldering flux, tin dipping and finishing) link = one pressure is fully completed, with high efficiency, oxidation resistance, cost saving and environmental protection,

2 After the old process of touch welding is avoided and the welding slag is splashed off, the production and operation terminal and copper and aluminum paint stripping terminal (oxidation proof, good power on performance) puncture type terminal are also called peel free connector and puncture type terminal, which are divided into six teeth and eight teeth shape, and are suitable for parallel connection of double or multiple strands of enameled wire and power leads. This product can change the welding or riveting process of copper . and aluminum enameled wire after the original paint stripping, . •. fully realize the one-time crimping and conduction, with stable electrical performance. Compared with the original process, it saves time, labor, environmental protection and pollution, and has more stable performance, fully meeting the requirements of RoHS Directive. At present, this product is exported to many manufacturers of mechanical and electrical equipment and related enameled wire connection products Widely used. 

The products are used in motor and motor, water pump, air compressor, washing machine, generator, transformer, electric tool, air conditioning compressor, cover pole motor, DC fan, washing machine motor, massage machine motor, fan motor, etc

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