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Automatic Wire Stripping Twisting and Tinning Machine

WhatsApp: +86 13656777668

Wechat : +86 13656777668

Skype: justin cheng0825


Product name:

Automatic Wire Stripping Twisting and Tinning Machine

Twisting & Winding

Automatic Wire Stripping Twisting and Tin Soldering Machine

1. Exquisite, compact design, excellent idea, small footprint.
2. Modular design, so that the maintenance of the adjusting machine has great advantages compared with the traditional mechanical, computer touch screen Chinese operation menu, cutting length, peeling length, twisting length, dipping machine depth, dipping machine time and any other parameters can be adjusted on the screen, replacing process and materials quickly, saving time and labor
3. The depth and times of tinning can be adjusted on the screen, which can meet all kinds of difficult requirements of tinning wire rod. The tinning time is 90 ° Spot dip, accurate dip depth, uniform dip thickness, perfect dip effect.
4. High efficiency step drive, the whole machine parts electroplating treatment to ensure that it is not easy to rust, accessories are processed with high precision, to ensure the accuracy of wire. High speed, can process many wires at the same time, high efficiency.
5. Add waste suction device, in the case of ensuring the machine clean and tidy without waste, also avoid the shortcomings of cutting copper wire, convenient maintenance.
6. High configuration, high output, high cost performance




Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz Single Phase
Function Cutting, One end stripping, Both ends stripping, One end twisting, Both ends twisting, One end tinning, Both ends tinning.
Capacity (No required to twist) AWG32#-AWG26#15000-21000pcs/h
(required to twist)  10000-15000pcs/h
(depends on wire size, length, material)
AWG32#-AWG26# can process 8 pcs at a time;
AWG18# can process 4 pcs at a time;
AWG16# can process 2 pcs at a time.
Available wire diameter 0.3-3.0mm (AWG32#-AWG18#)
Cutting length 15-9999mm
Stripping length MAX. 10mm
Twisting length 3-10mm
Tinning length 1-10mm
Air pressure 6Kgf (Clean and dry air)
Dimension: 840*670*1200mm
Weight 310Kg