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Automatic double ends Tin Dipping Machine (Once Output Eight Wires)

WhatsApp: +86 13656777668

Wechat : +86 13656777668

Skype: justin cheng0825


Product name:

Automatic double ends Tin Dipping Machine (Once Output Eight Wires)



Product characteristics:
1. Exquisite, compact design, excellent conception, small area;
2. The Chinese operation menu of computer touch screen is easy to learn and use.
3. Rapid replacement process and materials;
4. Imported Sanyo motor drive with high precision and rapidity;
5. Easy maintenance;
6. High cost performance.
Quality and Service:
Machine maintenance for one year, the company provides training, installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance, life-long after-sales service.
Product Specification:
Power Supply AC 220V/50/60HZ Single-phase
Function Wire cutting, single-end peeling, double-end peeling, single-end tin, double-end tin parallel wire, peeling tin plating
Productivity The production capacity of 5000 units per hour (less than 10mm in length) varies according to the type and size of the wires.
Machinable Wire Range (AWG#18—AWG#32)
Cut length (6mm-8000mm)
Stripping Length 0mm-12mm
Air pressure 6KGF (clean and dry air is required)
Body size 600W×900L×1100H(mm)
Body weight About 300kg
Product characteristics:
1. Factory direct sales, good quality, real price, bring you real benefits.
2. Construct a dignified atmosphere, high-precision parts imported from the original, stable performance.
3. Simple operation, wire length, cutting speed and tin dipping time are all operated by touch screen.
4. The output value of production capacity reaches 25,000 finished products per hour.
5. Line length is controlled by original Japanese Sanyo motor with high precision.
6. Lead-free tin furnace, meeting high environmental standards; automatic scraping device to make the cut wire bright Wuxi slag residue; can set scraping time, so that tin loss to the lowest; 90 degree angle tin, tin mouth even in place.
7. Automatic welding aid device
8. To order this product, we deliver it to your door and train our staff in the whole process. The product is sold with a one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance and after-sale all day.
9. Owning this equipment (difficult recruitment, high salary, difficult management) is no longer a problem for you. Without all complicated procedures, an ordinary employee can easily manage several machines.