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Heavy-Duty Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

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Wechat : +86 13656777668

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Product name:

Heavy-Duty Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine


Heavy-Duty Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

1. The heavy-duty large cable cutting and stripping machine is able to process upto 300mm2 cable, it is perfect for processing the high voltage power cable, electric car charging cable, etc.

2. This machine is driven by servo motors to insure powerful feeding and high level of cutting and stripping accuracy. It also utilizesbelt feeding design to avoid pressing marks on the cable.

3.  The color touch screen provides a simple and enjoyable operation experience

4. With 4 movable rollers beside the machine feet, the machine can be moved easily and installed firmly on the ground. A protection cover is added to prevent accidental injury, the machine will stop automatically after turn on the detection function in the program.

5. XC-400F can work independenty or to be integrated in wire processing line due to multiple interfaces are reserved in the program.



Heavy-Duty Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine


Brand ZHAOZHUANG Mid stripping 14 (can be customized)
Type XC-400F Drive method 30 wheels drive at the same time, silent servo motor, each step forward 0.1mm
Size 1320*840*1080mm Cutting length 1mm--99999mm
Weight 350kg Stripping length 1mm--35mm(normal)
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz Both end stripping length front stripping length 50mm/       end stripping length 120mm
Power 1200W Cutting torlerance ±(0.5+L*0.2%) (L= cutting length)
Stripping range Min. 6mm2/Depends on wires Conduit diameter 4--45--55mm
Speed 1-10 depends on wires Blade material tungsten steel/white steel 
Type of wire BV/BVR wire Sheath wire etc.                
Automatic adjustment of wire core, different specifications of cable without tool replacement.
New energy line / charging pile / charging gun Up to three layers of outer jacket