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Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine

WhatsApp: +86 13656777668

Wechat : +86 13656777668

Skype: justin cheng0825


Product name:

Large Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine


Large Cable Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine


1. Control system is the latest 32-bit Cortex-M3 core processor, with 7-inch inustrial touch screen, easy to operate, high stability.

2. It adopts 8 wire feeding wheels with outer diameter of 45mm. The contact area between the roller and the wire is larger, the feeding wire is more stable and the feeding length is more accurate.

3. the control system is highly integrated, greatly reducing the system failure rate.

4, With large-capacity memory, can store 100 sets of parameters at the same time, easy tooperate;

5. The distance between the wheels of the front and rear rollers is controlled by   the motor. It only needs to   input the wire diameter and it is easy to operate.

6. The upper and lower rollers are synchronously adjusted, the center point of the blade is always   unchanged, and the processing of large or small wires does not require adjustment of the blade.

7. the machine is all driven by the motor, does not require compressed air, versatility.




Large Cable Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine



 Area of cutting wire core


 Cutting length


 Cutting tolerance

 less than 0.002*L (L = cutting length)

 The diameter of the catheter

 up to 18mm (24mm can be customized)

 Blade Material

 High quality steel blade

 Stripping speed

 2000-3000 roots per hour(100mm length per unit)



 Driving mode

 8-wheel drive (silent hybrid stepping motor, 0.1mm
 forward per step)




 79kg (wooden case 21kg)