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Model XC-200 stripper-twister

WhatsApp: +86 13656777668

Wechat : +86 13656777668

Skype: justin cheng0825


Product name:

Model XC-200 stripper-twister

Twisting & Winding

Description of product: Model XC-200 stripper-twister 



1. Special mechanical structure strips and twists wire one time. 

2. Special spring hook enables fine tip end in twisting, free from looseness or fall and convenient for plug. 

3. Strip and twist single core wire varying from 10AWC to 32 AWC. 

4. It is applied to AC/DC power wire, electronic wire, multi-core wire and isolation wire. 


Performance and parameters:

Model XC-200
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz
Motor power 470W
Weight 15kg
Machining range 10AWC-32AWC
Strip length 5-20mm
Outline size 295L*180W*155Hmm


Method of operation: 

1. It is possible to adjust spinning cutter size. Adjust the height of regulation screw at right side of platform, press the lever to down to the extent that copper core of wire is not damaged. When copper core is cut, adjust the cut to higher size. 

2. Adjust stripping-twisting length: Adjusting the gap between mandril in three circular blades and cut will adjust stripping-twisting length. 

3. Attention: adjust circular blade inner side clamp wire depending on sheath thickness. When twist is too loose, tune down the gap between iron copper and cut so that sheath is tightly clamped at the time of stripping-twisting. 

4. It is preferred the pedestal being used be fixed under the operation platform for easy operation and high efficiency. 

5. When circular blade is worn or damaged, simply turn it to another direction. This increases its service life.