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XC-008 Hand held Wire Stripping Machine

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Product name:

XC-008 Hand held Wire Stripping Machine

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Product parameters


A. Adjustment and application of knife head (adjustment method of enameled wire thick and thin knife head)
1. First, adjust the knife edge to a greater diameter than the enameled wire, and then extend the required enameled wire into the center of the knife edge. Reduce the knife edge until the enameled wire is clamped, so that the enameled wire can be pushed and pulled out, and the enameled wire can be damaged to the extent that the enameled wire is painted properly.
2. Attention to tightening the screw: Do not lock the screw immediately at the same time, to balance the left and right locking, so that the inside blade is average, scraping paint effect is good.
3. Pull the enameled wire out, press the power switch, and insert the enameled wire into the center of the knife edge, then the paint film can be peeled off.
Performance and parameters:

Size 270X170X130mm
Wiper diameter Φ0.3—6.0mm
Supply voltage ~220V 100W
Weight 5kg
Stripping length 3—6mm
Productivity  600pcs/h
The production capacity of this machine is about 600 units per hour. It is suitable for enameled wire scraping by an electronic manufacturer.
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