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XC-180 Cable wire stripping and twisting machine

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Product name:

XC-180 Cable wire stripping and twisting machine

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XC-180 Cable wire stripping and twisting machine


It is operated with a micro-motor. The machine is light and with small area platform. Handling is easy, sound is low and rotation is fast. It is suitable for single multi-strand plastic sheathed copper wire stripping - twisting one time. 


Method of operation: 

1. Cut the wire to be stripped and twisted to required length. 

2. Select die head engagement, adjust the length of striping head of the wire depending on the wire diameter. 

3. Turn on the power of the stripper-twister so that it begins to spin. 

4. Rapidly insert wire striping head into the die mold, pull it out rapidly. Try to position it once, complete stripping and twist once. 


Technical parameters:

Model XC-180
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz
Motor power 120W
Weight 6kg
Machining range 1-4mm
Stripping length 2-20mm
Size 210*128*155mm


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