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XC-220 Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

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Wechat : +86 13656777668

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Product name:

XC-220 Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine



Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine


With its advanced technology and excellent performance XC-220 has below advantages compared with other brand wire stripping machines.


Automatic conduit lifting function, which means the conduit can lift higher to increase wire end stripping length. XC-220 adopts step motor to control conduit movement, conduit angle can be adjusted in program. (other brand stripping machines at same price level does not have this function, otherwise they use low-cost cylinder or electromagnet to control conduit lifting, which require manual adjustment to fix the angle and lead to frequent maintenance.)


XC-220 is fully electric, all moving parts are driven by step motors, no additional air supply is needed. However, considering the waste wire insulation may drop into the cutter (blades) and influence working accuracy, the machine is designed with automatic blowing function which can clean the waste material after the machine is connected to air supply.


Extraordinary program function, one machine can handle various kinds of processing modes,


including longer wire mode,short wire mode


middle strip mode, jacket wire mode, etc.


The machine has 99 sets of memory function to store different parameter settings in its program. Very convenient to operate.


Conveyor belt is suggested while cutting length is above 0.5 meter, it guaranteed the processed wires to be collected straight and orderliness, moreover, it is time saving!


Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine


Available Wire Size: 0.1-6mm(AWG#32-AWG#10)

Max. Conduit Diameter: single wire Φ 6mm, double wire Φ

Dimension: 420*400*280mm

Weight: 32Kg

Power: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 430W

Cutting length: 0.1-99999.9 mm

Stripping length: Head 0-30mm, End 0-30mm

Wire Type: Flat Cable/Long wire/short wire/multi-stage stripping/multi-layer stripping

Speed: 5000-11000 pcs/h


Wire Material: PVC, VSF, Teflon, Glass Fiber, etc