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XC-916S Shrink Tube Cutting Machine

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Wechat : +86 13656777668

Skype: justin cheng0825


Product name:

XC-916S Shrink Tube Cutting Machine


This Cutting machine is suitable for heat shrinkable tube, silica gel tube, Teflon tube, glass fiber tube, PVC tube, PE tube, silica gel tube, oil resistant tube, railway tube, woven network management, fluoroplastic tube, anti-corrosion tube, yellow green tube, patterned tube, medium and thick wall sheath, double wall tube, marking tube, PVC sleeve of electrolytic capacitor, PVC plastic tape, arranging wire, binding wire, plastic hose, insulating paper, copper foil, copper sheet, double-sided adhesive tape, PE film bag, leather, non-woven cloth, acetate cloth, rubber pad, cotton yarn belt, safety belt, elastic belt, color belt, crawler, plastic belt, buckle belt, battery partition, nickel sheet, diffusion sheet, reflective film, conductive cloth / foam, pet, Velcro, zipper, etc. can be cut with fixed length such as belt or soft tube.


*High speed feeding, computer tube cutting machine is controlled by microcomputer program with precision of 0.1mm
*Cutter speed adjustable, all Chinese LCD display
*The length and speed can be adjusted continuously
*Automatic group accumulation and total accumulation count
*Batch pause and delay time can be set
*Automatic shutdown of missing materials
*Automatic cutting of various tubular and strip materials;
*High speed stepping motor precisely controls the length of pipe cutting; The length and speed of the belt are adjustable;
*Cutting time protection; Total number setting; Setting of the handle; The suspension time can be adjusted by dividing;
*Various manual operation is available for easy commissioning;
*LCD screen of computer tube cutting machine is directly displayed in Chinese, and the operation is simple and convenient; Display in English can also be developed
*The special mechanical structure and special tool are used, and the special software is used to control the uneven cutting of silicon rubber tube in other manufacturers. The incision is flat and the length is accurate
Cutting length: 1-9999.9mm
Cutting width: 1-100mm
Cutting tolerance: ±0.1mm
Power supply: 220V
Power: 300W
Dimension: 400*300*430mm
Weight: 30kg